Spanish & Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting

Salamanca (Spain) 23rd-25th November 2022

Microscopy is one of the reference technologies used in the different disciplines of science and medicine. It is always at the forefront and in continuous evolution so that new developments, technologies, and applications are incorporated into research and the market every year.

The SPAOM – Spanish-Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting, co-organised by the Portuguese and Spanish Networks of Advanced Optical Microscopy, aims to promote new knowledge in microscopy applications. Paralab BIO is proud to announce its Gold sponsoring to this event. Paralab works on an imaging portfolio which includes microCT, SEM, cell microarrays and advanced optical microscopy techniques.

From our imaging catalogue, we’ll be highlighting at this event the intravital microscopy, high content quantitative microscopy and advance fluorescence microscopy.

Apart from having our showroom, we’ll be conducting some workshops, namely:

  • The 23rd at 12:15 | Phasefocus titled: From 96-wells to single cells: Introduction to high content live cell assays on Livecyte by Martin Humphry (CEO Phasefocus);
  • The 24th at 11:30 | IVIM titled: Real-time IntraVital Microscopy (IVM): In Vivo Cellular-level Imaging of Internal Organs in a Live Animal by Adolfo Molejón (Product Manager Paralab BIO);
  • The 24th at 14:30 | ISS titled: Microscopy Tools for Quantitative Cell Biology with Single-molecule Sensitivity by Beniamino Barbieri (President ISS).

Our showroom is located in the 1st floor where we have our demo devices and will be glad to receive you for the talks or personalised meeting. If you want to better plan your agenda, you can book a meeting with us here (available soon).